She Talks Data brings together women around the the world who work with data. We aspire to create a comfortable and supportive environment to drive authentic dialogue and to establish meaningful connections through small-group gatherings. Our goal is to build a community of women who can come together to grow professionally and personally.

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Our monthly events are carefully planned and executed to support 3 primary objectives: 

  1. Get More Women in Tech - In 2016, women comprised 26% of the computing workforce. Only 5% Asian women, 3% are African American women and 2% are Hispanic women. We believe this needs to change and we use community building as a path to change and offer support to women of all ages, educational backgrounds, and careers to join us. Source
  2. Support Women in Tech - Female attrition is higher in technology than in science and in engineering. In all cases, the attrition rate for women is higher than it is for men. In the high tech industry, the quit rate is more than twice as high for women (41%) than it is for men (17%) (Hewlett et al., 2008). There's a variety of factors that are pushing women out of tech; it's not enough to just "lean in." We believe that small and intimate communities that allow people to feel comfortable expressing themselves and seeking support can help change this.
  3. Amplify Women in Tech - We believe that everyone's voice should have a chance to be heard and shape society. Whether it's imposter syndrome or social biases that are holding women back, we want to amplify women's voices by providing a platform for them to share their expertise, provide coaching opportunities to address what's holding women back, share opportunities to speak at conferences, panels, etc. and ensure that the broader public is exposed to our communities ideas and thought leadership.



Brit Cava, Co-founder



Chloe Tseng, Co-founder