the Data Plus Women Conference Grant

Do you remember the magical experience of your first conference? Help us to bring this opportunity to someone from the Tableau community who wouldn’t otherwise get a chance to be there!

We're so excited to partner with Tableau Zen Master Lilach Manheim to announce the first Data Plus Women conference grant! The purpose of this grant is to provide the opportunity for a woman from the Tableau community to attend her first conference. The grant will include a ticket to TC18, as well as $2,000 towards travel and lodging. We will be posting more details on the application process and the selection committee on June 30. Applications will be open July 1 to July 22, and the decision will be announced at the end of July.

But in the meantime, we need your help! Please help us to reach our funding goal of $2,065 by contributing on GoFundMe. The Data Plus Women Conference Grant campaign will be open until 11:59PM on July 15. A huge thank you to Tableau for their generous contribution of a TC18 conference ticket.


Once applications are available, am I eligible to apply if I'm outside of the U.S.?

Everyone is welcome to apply but keep in mind that the grant will include one conference registration and $2,000 USD for you to use towards travel and lodging. We know that international travel can be expensive. Any additional cost beyond this will be the responsibility of the recipient so please keep that in mind! 

Who are the organizers behind this grant?

This grant is organized by Tableau Zen Master Lilach Manheim and the Co-Founders of She Talks Data Chloe Tseng and Brit Cava. 

If I have a question that hasn't been answered yet, who should I reach out to? 

You can either submit your question via our Contact Form or reach out directly to Lilach, Chloe, or Brit.