The Tableau Conference (TC) is a wonderful opportunity for women in data to network and gain the tools and resources they need to thrive in their fields. In July, we partnered with with Tableau Zen Master Lilach Manheim to announce the first Data Plus Women conference grant to ensure these exceptional scholars don’t miss out on this life-changing experience.

In total, we received 41 phenomenal applications from women around the world doing amazing work and aspiring to be a leader. The selection committee had no easy task at hand to select the two recipients, and we put a lot of thought into balancing financial need, past achievements, future impact, and diversity. The two recipients are:


manmeet kaur, Delhi

What am I planning to learn at the conference?

Ideas have always excited me. The fact that we could dream of something and bring it to life fascinates me. Data analysis provides me with a window to do exactly that. I am thrilled to witness the leading minds in research and innovation at TC. From lectures and hands-on training to collaboration sessions and meetups, I expect to learn new skills and find a valuable resource of genius friends around the globe.


How you're planning to give back to the community after the conference?

Dedicated sessions in the field of Healthcare will aid me to contribute to an industry where seconds count. I am excited to share my experience and knowledge with my community at WWC Delhi meetups!


Naome Etori, Wisconsin

What am I planning to learn at the conference?

I currently work in an academic institution, the institution currently uses Power BI in analyzing students and academic records, my boss recently requested me to be part of this team. Going through the Power BI syllabus and later on train other staffs or provide technical guidance or advice regarding the software or other analytics software like Tableau. It would be nice to learn about Tableau and compare it with Power BI. I believe I am going to gain more inspiration and build lasting connections. Hope I am embarking for the Tableau journey of a lifetime.

How you're planning to give back to the community after the conference?

Am also enrolled for my graduate studies starting this fall am considering taking Business Analysis as my major concentration. The conference just came in handy to prepare me for this journey. Am looking learn new skills that I will be able to share with my colleagues, help solve real life challenges either social, environmental challenges. Part of my job entails working with the community, I can use the experience and knowledge acquired to contribute to data skills to making the world a better place.

Screen Shot 2018-08-19 at 2.04.48 PM.png

Special thanks to the selection committee: Bridget Cogley, Chantilly Jaggernauth, Wafa Waheeda, Emily Chao, Neema Iyer! Your support and insights is much appreciated. 

Finally, we'd like to once again thank the following individuals and organizations for their contribution to the Data + Women Conference Grant, and their commitment to changing the ratio in technology:

Brittany Fong, Curtis Harris, Craig Bloodworth, Ken Flerlage, Alicia Bembenek, Mark Bradbourne, Adam Crahen, Brian Graves, Pam Okerholm, Tristan Guillevin, Pooja Gandhi, Amanda Boyle, Nicole Lohr, Katherine Matthews, Jeremy Poole, Jeff Pettiross, Ravi Mistry, Sarah Bartlett, Andy Cotgreave, Jade Le Van, Kathleen Brown, Fi Gordon, Kris Curtis, Vanessa Newton, James Baker, Michael D Madigan, Jeff Plattner, Crystal Meyers, Michael Sanville, Kathy Thomson, Petra Clementson, Anya A'Hearn, Bonnie O’Halloran, David Pires, Jeffrey Shaffer, Rory Abbazio, Adam McCann, Timothy Marks, James Young, Toby Erkson, Sarah Battersby, Amarendranath Reddy Donthala, Eric Duell, and Abisola Oni.