Camp/Workshop for Girls

Since I'm a young woman trying to become more involved in tech, I want to inspire and encourage other youth to do the same. There are many stereotypes about tech, and young girls may not know what the truth about tech is. I would like to hold a camp/workshops that teaches girls (many of which are underprivileged) to code and apply those skills to building website, apps, and other things they can imagine. I am most likely going to be teaching HTML and CSS. I would also bring in successful tech ladies to talk to these girls and offer mentorship and Q & As.

I feel that getting girls involved in tech from a younger age is very important, and getting involved is sometimes hard, especially when many of them face societal stereotypes. With my camp and workshops, I hope to reach out to these girls and provide them resources so that they can explore STEM. At the end of the day, I want them to feel empowered and have the mindset that they can create amazing things by being involved in tech. I want them to be able to empower themselves to go beyond gender roles, and inspire others around them as well.
I think the mentorship aspect with older women involved in tech is important because growing up, having a role model tremendously contributes to one's overall development. With a mentor, they would be able to help guide the girls' passions and nurture a relationship so that the girl could ask them anything.

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Chloe Tseng