Data Literacy for Girls

We live in a world where the understanding of data represent the literacy. A lot of information surrounds us. Graphs, maps, in-depth sports analysis, descriptive statistics economy and entertainment infographics are awaited by readers/users. Not surprisingly the demand for proper visualizations is trending up, because what does everyone want who works with data these days? – save time and all carried out as quickly as possible.

A properly prepared report immediately leads our attention to the potential of the data and the abstract of information. However not all visualizations are actually helpful.  The application of 3D charts, VR magic, excessive use of color and other non-data ink diverts our eyes for seconds. They can be at best confusing or at worst misleading. But the good ones are an absolute revelation. A lot of people think that they are data visualizers because they work with BI tools or any other design programs, but they don’t know anything about the principles.
So as the role of data visualization get larger, we need to master the passing of information to others in a proper way. The data can only become an instrument of communication of information if properly represented.

Not to mention as we are approaching singularity it is more than crucial the see and understand data in the right way and to adopt these skills as early as possible.
My project aims to provide little girls a skill set and approach so they are able to tell their own stories with data by data visualization as a new communication tool. At the beginning I would like to introduce these girls to the world of visualization in a device-independent manner - to fully stand in the center of their creativity rather than to dominate knowledge of any software. My goal is to enable these girls to build not just beautiful visualizations, but informative, appropriate stories for the whole society, and present their thoughts in their own unique interpretation of the world.

I need to create a web page where I can share my knowledge and thoughts, also where these girls can socialize, encourage each other. For the off-line events I will need some tools like felt pencils, papers, etc.

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Chloe Tseng