Data Plus Women DC

We will use this grant to support meetup events for the Data + Women DC Meetup group.  Data+Women DC offers an open platform where women and men can build networks, deepen their technical and leadership skills, inspire women to progress in the data and technology fields, and discuss how to overcome barriers to success.

This platform is important because women are generally underrepresented in the technology and data space, particularly in leadership positions. Over the past year, we have held four events with attendance ranging from 25 to 100 people. These events have covered the following topics: women in data; cool jobs in data; technical lightning talks on Python, Tableau, and D3; and a goal setting workshop. Each event has involved presentations as well as small group discussions designed to connect people in different stages of their career to share perspectives, tips, and ideas for advancing in data careers.

In the next year, we want to continue to convene quarterly events as well as organize other activities, like connecting members with volunteering or mentoring opportunities that advance the representation of women in the data and technology fields. We are also looking into expanding our reach to help schools and non-profit organizations promote early data education and build confidence for younger generations of future data professionals.

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Chloe Tseng