Salary Negotiation Supper Club

I'm involved in two communities for Women in Product and Women in UX and the most consistent ask for mentoring I've seen from women in the community is around salary negotiation. While there are several online resources out there, it's often daunting to sift through all the information. In my case, I found the most effective resource for me was storytelling and hearing the stories of friends of friends who I reached out to over a cup of coffee. It was through this method that I was able to get three raises in the past year - all despite having no formal education in the field I'm in today (design). I'd like to support women who are in technology and women who are interviewing for their first job in tech by organizing a Salary Negotiation Supper Club event series. I'm picturing smaller, more intimate gatherings of <15 people per event at a coffee shop, someone's apartment, or a picnic in a park. Each time we'll try to get a few people who have successfully negotiated a salary for a new job or gotten a raise/promotion recently and a few people who have negotiations coming up and while people will have a curated list of resources, they can get specific tactical advice and takeaways from the storytelling aspect of the event. I'm hoping the impact it will have is it will push more women to advocate for themselves and be less afraid to talk about money - this is incredibly important to me because I have historically been very afraid to talk about money myself. I couldn't have imagined being able to ask for more for myself only a year ago and I'd love to support other women in conquering that fear as well.

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Chloe Tseng