She Talks Data Chapter - Sports

This grant would be used to help develop a chapter of She Talks Data for the sports business industry. I was fortunate enough to attend TC16 and saw firsthand what this type of community does to support women in technology. I hope to replicate that community for the women and data enthusiasts in the hybrid industry of technology and sports business.
More specifically, this grant would be used to help maintain the pipeline of women in data and analytics roles across the industry, whether that be in college athletics departments, professional sports, or the technology companies that have a sports business vertical.

One already established pipeline that I hope this chapter could help support and develop is found in the sports business organizations that reside on college campuses. Often times these organizations reach out to the students of the university for interns, full-time positions, mentorships, and other roles. This grant would help support the pipeline by developing and promoting data and analytics as a career path, stepping stone, or destination for women that might not have thought of sports business, technology, or data and analytics as a career path.
Establishing a She Talks Data chapter for sports business and technology professionals would help create a community of like-minded professionals who can share best practices, advice, and stories to help inspire, drive, and encourage others to pursue careers, passion projects, or just have fun with data.

The sports business industry is a tight-knit industry, with Kevin Bacon-like degrees of separation. The ultimate goal of She Talks Data – Sports Biz would be to remove those degrees of separation between the women of sports business and technology, creating one cohesive community.

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Chloe Tseng