Women in Data, Kathmandu, Nepal

Kathmandu is an emerging and vibrant community of data scientist, coder, software engineers, and other data related fields. However, the data sector is still in the embryonic stage for women. It will be great to bring these few women together as a community and hear about their work, and their experiences and aspirations in data related profession in an emerging market like Kathmandu.

With the support of the grant, I plan on organizing a meetup, with mostly women, from various data related industry based in Kathmandu and abroad. We will share our personal experiences in the field, the limitations and obstacles we faced, if any, and how we overcame those challenges. Further, more seasoned and experienced participants can share their work via a short lightening talk, poster presentation and slides.  I envision this initiative as an early stage of something akin to Women in Data, Kathmandu Chapter, that will continue as a regular event in the future.

I recently completed my PhD in Statistics and joined the Department of Health Care Policy at Harvard Medical School as a Postdoctoral fellow in Statistics. My experience in data comes from working in an American academic setting. And, I have greatly enjoyed the privilege of learning from other women (and men) in both academic and non-academic data related sectors. I am very interested in creating similar venue for women in Kathmandu who are interested in Data related industry.

I travel to Kathmandu at least once every year and have a good network of entrepreneurs who can help me start and sustain the initiative. This grant will be a great support in putting a stepping stone.  Expanding on my network in the city, I expect to provide a common platform for people (especially women) with diverse experiences in data related fields, which in Nepal, is still largely dominated my men. The planned event will also be a perfect networking opportunity for women who are thinking about careers in data science.

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Chloe Tseng